Sarkrazy Uses Terror To Kill Free Speech And Democracy, Will Obama Follow Suit?

  The Excavator

Sarkozy is koo-koo krazy.

Sarkrazy is so predictable.

First, the totalitarian fascist State kills kids and innocents, and then it uses their deaths to kill free speech and democracy.

Below are two reports from Russia Today and about Sarkrazy's attack on free speech and free thought. Remember: the bodies of the victims of the latest state terror incident in France have not even been buried yet. This is sick. This is political exploitation of murder and tragedy at its most vile.

RT: "Sarkozy: Visiting hate and terror websites will be punished," March 22, 2012:
The Toulouse murders and the operation of the alleged killer might bring additional political scores to Nicolas Sarkozy ahead of the future presidential elections, writer Diana Johnstone told RT.

“He [Sarkozy] has completely dominated the television screens for a couple of days as a result of this and shoved the other candidates into the shadows at the time when it was supposed to be the beginning of the campaign,” she said. “So as a matter of fact, Sarkozy just by being present everywhere has already profited from this.”
Kurt Nimmo: "Sarkozy: Prosecute and Imprison Readers of “Extremist” Websites," March 23, 2012:
French president Nicolas Sarkozy didn’t wait long to exploit the terror rampage of Mohammed Merah. Soon after Merah’s death in a stand-off with police, Sarkozy said French citizens who visit “extremist” websites should be treated the same way as those who look at child pornography.
“Trying to criminalize a visit — a simple visit — to a website, that’s something that seems disproportionate,” Lucie Morillon of Reporters Without Borders told the Associated Press.

Morillon noted that in order for Sarkozy’s law to be enforced, the internet would require new surveillance technology. “What’s especially worrying for us is how you are going to know who’s looking at what site. Does this announcement mean the installation of a global Internet surveillance system in France?” Morillon said.
Sarkrazy, Cameron, and Obama are following the same foreign policy and domestic agendas. They were together in the war against Libya, and they'll be together on popularizing and legitimizing Internet censorship. So we should expect President Obama to make the same type of anti-free speech statements in the wake of a tragic state terror attack in America in the near future.

Last summer, Cameron proposed legislation to censor social media websites under the guise of fighting looters and criminals.

On the face of it, the censorship of terrorist websites and crackdown on the use of social media by looters and criminals seems justified and appropriate. But the whole thing becomes a farce when we learn that Western governments helped to create the terrorists in the first place, and are responsible for the dismal economic conditions which give rise to looters and criminals.

As you and I know, their war isn't really against terrorists and looters. Their war is against free speech and free thought. They can't stand democratic criticism of their criminal policies that have been legitimized by the Global War on Terrorism.

There is the fear that alternative news websites will be classified as hate speech and terrorism websites, and subsequently banned by government censors. In fact, that has already happened to some degree. In some hotels in the United States you can't access It is very likely that this policy will be implemented system-wide across the West against anti-government websites.

But we shouldn't give in to this fear. Only criminals fear the law and the government. Alternative news websites are the last bastion of free speech and free thought in the West. The universities and the press have failed to inform the public about false flag terrorism and crimes of conspiracy against Western democracy.

So we shouldn't watch what we say. Telling the truth is not a sign of extremism or hate speech. The insane crooks in government should watch what they do, and prepare to face the legal consequences for their crimes against humanity.


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