me and ms. moss

Supreme t-shirt, Caja necklace via Catbird, THVM jeans courtesy of THVM, Tanner belt, Céline sandals

THVM custom made these wax jeans specially for me. I was looking for the perfect pair of faded black jeans, but I think I found something even better. Brian, you're the best.

Been working a lot and seeing friends and going to meetings and celebrating successes and forgetting about not-so-successes and driving… so much driving. I don't sleep, I have no idea what day it is, I wear the same outfit repeatedly but at least it's a good one, all for the sake of being young, dumb, and overly determined.

Oh! And thanks for supporting The Fashion Coloring Book. It's for sale at Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, MoMa, Bookmarc, and Barneys. Right next to Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson. Right where I wanted to be.


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