Kandahar Massacre Was Organised

"Hey Karzai, haven't you heard of the Phoenix programme which included the organised killing of 504 Vietnamese women and children at Mai Lai. It was official policy; not an accident."

The Pentagon organises the killings of innocent civilians.

Up to 20 US troops carried out the Kandahar-Panjwai massacre: according to a parliamentary probe

March 16, 2012

KANDAHAR CITY (PAN): A parliamentary probe team on Thursday said up to 20 American troops were involved in Sunday’s killing of 16 civilians in southern Kandahar province...

The team spent two days in the province, interviewing the bereaved families, tribal elders, survivors and collecting evidences at the site in Panjwai district.

Hamizai Lali told Pajhwok Afghan News their investigation showed there were 15 to 20 American soldiers, who executed the brutal killings.

"We closely examined the site of the incident, talked to the families who lost their beloved ones, the injured people and tribal elders," he said.

He added the attack lasted one hour involving two groups of American soldiers in the middle of the night on Sunday.

"The villages are one and a half kilometre from the American military base. We are convinced that one soldier cannot kill so many people in two villages within one hour at the same time, and the 16 civilians, most of them children and women, have been killed by the two groups."

The Panjwai shooting spree (or Kandahar massacre) occurred in the early morning of Sunday, 11 March 2012, when sixteen civilians (comprising nine children, four men, and three women) were killed and five wounded in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan.

The CIA's Operation Gladio in Europe
Where have we seen mysterious armed gangs shooting innocent people?

1. The Norway Attacks, allegedly involving Breivik.

1. Belgium, at the time of Operation Gladio.FASCIST TERRORISM IN EUROPE

2. Mumbai, after David Headley had been at work.TRIPLE CANOPY; THE MUMBAI ATTACKS

3. Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, in recent times.TUNISIA, SHOOTING




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