Is Zimmerman a Murderer or Will We See “Palestinian Justice?”

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Let’s Examine a Few Truths for a Change

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

This is our question.  Is the “Zimmerman killing” the first sign of the Middle East’s most secretive and shameful crime, the apartheid killings in Israel coming home?  Zimmerman, of mixed Jewish and Hispanic origin is now the “poster boy” used by the ADL, AIPAC and the SPLC for the right to simply shoot African Americans down like dogs, or so it is playing out for all to see.

Zimmerman supposedly belongs to a local militia group or neighborhood watch.  Problem is, nobody has recognized this group, they aren’t constables as in Texas, they  have no list of membership.  Any legitimate “watch” is subjected to background checks by police, which are part of the public record.  No such record exists.  Does this “watch” exist?  Does a record exist?

We can’t even tell if this is a case of simple mental illness, a gang related killing or a drug deal gone bad.  Every word we have heard is a lie, and thousands around the country are protesting, very rightly, for truth.  As officials empowered and sworn to protect the public have withheld the truth, derailed justice, who is investigating them?

Who is Mr. Zimmerman?  What is his employment record, driving record, his school grades, is he supporting a family, was his family a victim of crime or is he a local gang member?  Since he became a national celebrity, why has his history been “secretized” as though he were a Bush family member?

Where is the press?  Are they simply remiss or is it that there is some reason that all those trails, so easy to follow on such a huge story have been put on back burner, where so man questions that people around the world are burning to learn about have been selected for censorship by the news?  Maybe Zimmerman is person of sterling reputation, an Eagle Scout, National Honor Society, working 3 jobs, no police record, beloved by all.

Is someone hiding something?

Are they hiding behind election year politics?  Then again, we return to Sanford, Florida and the neighborhood watch.

Who is this secret group, who funds them and how do they fit into the money scheme of local politics, long known to be “crooked as hell” in Sandford, Florida?

We have other questions.  If the scenario plays out as some thing, victim begging for his life, Zimmerman pumping bullets into him, as though a classic psychopath, what does this tell us?  This is almost classic police behavior, a “potential suspect” pulls out what ends up being his mobile phone and is shot 25 times by police, highly trained, wearing body armour, who claim they “feared for their lives.”

We don’t know this to be true, we, the public, have been systematically denied the truth by the intercession of powerful groups that see the “Jewishness” of the name “Zimmerman” and see the potential for fomenting racial divide, a source of profit.  Some groups named in this article make millions in playin “the race card.”  The victim, as usual, is humanity, is justice, is society.

This is why disclosure, why truth is so important, not “court” truth, the twisted mechanations of a system of laws bought and sold like whores.  We have a small part of the picture, it points a gun at one head, not the victims, but Zimmerman’s.  Secrecy, supposedly “in his name” brings to light our most basic fears.  We fear that the crazed killer is somehow empowered to murder us or our children, protected by a mysterious conspiracy.

Does the ADL, JDL, AIPAC and SPLC represent such a conspiracy?  I would say a resounding “yes!”

Thus far it seems there has been no legal process, there was no forensic examination, no crime scene photos, no evidence of any kind, simply a police coverup followed the the “temporary” resignation of a police chief.  No arrest?  Of course not, not when we have police pretending that nothing happened, taken by some as though murdering a black child is no more important that bombing a Palestinian school in Gaza?

Is this going too far?  Is it?  I would have said yes until I saw the trail, the  SPLC, the JDL, the ADL, AIPAC and millions in dollars spent spinning this incident which is much like so many other killings, all racial, many apartheid, a rebirth of the lynchings of old, that still go on around the world.

We just don’t hear about it because our news filters it out.  Wonder why?

I listened to all the tapes, Zimmerman and those who called in.  This is what I got.

Voice analysis of the tapes will show that attempts to show Zimmerman as the victim may well reveal a well staged attempt to subvert justice.  I head an African American voice screaming for help, not the voice of Zimmerman.  This is just my opinion and is easy to prove as we have extensive recordings of Zimmerman and voice-printing is something any news organization can do with a PC.

We then enter the world of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and accessory to murder for anyone involved in false testimony and it is my opinion that we are hearing some of that, a common tactic when powerful organizations reveal their inner racism, and such organizations are now identified as involved.

Thus, the first thing I want to see, and the first thing we all should have heard by now, is a voice print analysis of the 9/11 calls.  Failure to have this available indicates that the organs of public reporting have been interfered with, something that also needs looking into.

This is that big a story now, millions are being spent behind the scenes, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the ADL had George Clooney arrested.  Think I am joking?  Those of us who watch justice, as it were, being spooned out in America know this to be the same “lynching society” it was a century ago.

Zimmerman was looking for revenge, seeking a victim because of his feelings of persecution.  No “neighborhood watch” has a right to deal with anything unless they see a crime being committed.  Zimmerman was stalking an individual based on their appearance, wearing a hoodie, frankly what I wear when I travel in Europe in fall and winter, especially on the Riviera where it gets nippy off the Mediterranean.

Mine I have had for many years, I bought it in Canada, lot of dangerous people there, it has the name of a boating team on the front of it.

The most telling aspects of the entire ordeal were the screams of the young victim who, by the sound of it, was probably on his knees being executed.  The audio supplied by those who called in sounded like a gang execution by a cold blooded killer and nothing else.

Zimmerman clearly executed, murdered with premeditation, admitted to police many times, someone he knew to be innocent, someone he was stalking, someone he had intent to injure and did so with malice and forethought.

Why isn’t he in jail?  Zimmerman belongs to the Anti-Defamation League and is defended by the Southern Poverty Law Center that perports to exist to defend the poor against the rich.

Our experience is that they are quite the opposite, so much so, that I would see them on “lists.”  When I phoned the NAACP in Washington and asked them what they thought of the SPLC defending Zimmerman, they said they were closely related organizations and knew nothing about it.

It was in every newspaper in the nation at the time.

Was this a hate crime?  I say, let a jury decide, one carefully chosen that protects the rights of all, including the victim, and we clearly have a victim here.  Our only question is “what is the crime.”

Claims of defense?  Standing his ground?  No witnesses?  All evidence to the contrary, victim screaming in fear, asking for mercy, admission of intent, police on the line while Zimmerman stalks the victim and ignores police orders, a crime by the way, to stop.

I have spent as much time carrying weapons, everything from the M 60 machine gun to things I would be jailed for admitting existed.  I recognize the world as a dangerous place and, to some extent, see the need for citizens to band together.  However, when it turns into issues of race, it always turns bad.  Zimmerman reminds me of Palestine, and to some extent that colors my own judgement because I see hundreds killed there under similar circumstances, newspapers lie about it and I am seeing those lies again.

Zimmerman is being protected because the “Black Panthers” are out to get him.  This is why, supposedly, he is being defended and has “special rights.”  I beleive all the stories about “black militias” are a cover.

First, let’s deal with the facts.  The only forensic evidence are shell casings, the body of the young boy and the tape recordings of the victim screaming for help, in obvious terror.

What can be assumed is that the victim was being chased by an assailant with a gun drawn, a felony in itself, was cornered, and then shot.

Any self defense is on the part of the victim, not the assailant.

Analysis of the audio recordings of Zimmerman indicate a few things.  He is obviously racist.  This is, in itself, not a crime.  Were we to admit it, everyone is racist, so I say, “throw it away.”

He admits he saw not crime.  He admits he is assuming potential for crime because he sees a “hoodie.”

This indicates that Zimmerman may require psychiatric examination and very probably should never have been issued a weapons permit.

The police on the phone with him had “that sound” in their voices, like they were dealing with someone “over the edge.”  Their response time, however, as it was obvious that something was terribly wrong with Zimmerman’s unwillingness to take direction from police, needs to be looked into.

Zimmerman has to explain why he shot someone who was begging for his life.

There is no circumstances where you can chase someone, admitted during the police call, run through the streets pointing a gun at an unarmed civilian, an assumption one can make very easily,  and then shoot someone who is obviously trying to hide from what they asssume, perhaps rightly so, a jury has to decide, from the murderous assault of a deranged criminal assailant.


The local police and sheriff have not proven capable of dealing with this, leading with the local sheriff temporarily stepping down.  There is probably misconduct in failing to arrest Zimmerman based on evidence, as any other department in the US would have done.

A local Grand Jury would have heard evidence.  However, Florida law enforcement, from region to region is questionable and ethnicity, Jew against African American, is very much part of the mix.

Elected officials looking for Jewish contributions, how most are elected, are influence by such things.  Fear of backlash from the African American community is also a big issue.

When the SPLC and the ADL got involved, this became national politics, stories began to stray from the facts and institutionalized racism became an issue, one that really involved two people, one perhaps heavily armed, delusional, operating clearly outside the law, and the very probable murder of a young man.

Now millions are being spent to “spin” this story to make the victim look like a criminal.

As for Mr. Zimmerman, yes, he should show remorse.  Thus far evidence I have seen indicates that he stalked and then chased down at gunpoint an innocent young man of character and executed him while the victim begged for his life.

Unless diminished capacity can be proven, Mr. Zimmerman faces execution, not exoneration.

He should be scared to death.

There are other issues we could discuss.  What can we do to defend ourselves, do we all need to be lawyers, do we risk our freedom whenever armed and the answer, of course, is yes.

Over 40 years I have, on occasion, faced armed assailants, wartime and otherwise.  As an oldster with sufficient credentials, I sometimes travel at risk, war zones, hot spots, and use security teams, sometimes as many as a dozen or more men.  This relates to me being a target.  It is also a bit embarrassing, having a SWAT team follow me around, while I ride in an armoured car.

However, my wife and I walk through Cairo at midnight, Ankara and Istanbul, Rome or Amman as I am a less than harmless American vacationer and, at times, I reach into that “hoodie” and wish the old Browning HiPower were there, more than one occasion I have had this epiphany.

Do we credit Zimmerman for caring and execute him for one terrible mistake?  Do we brand him a murderer?  Do we look at those who have tried to spin this into something it is not and discredit them, the SPLC, the ADL, or a half dozen other groups?

We have to admit this, local law enforcement, although the officer or 9/11 operator, whomever, on with Zimmerman was competent and correct.  Zimmerman was not, nor was he trained as such.

We must admit we live in a dangerous world and that it is our responsibility to correct it.  We must also admit that police are not the answer.

It is time we looked closely at the dynamic in Sanford, Florida, a town I am not a bit unfamiliar with, and see how such a thing might happen.

Do we jail Zimmerman?  My guess is yes, immediately.  He is to be judged, his story taken into account, subjected to examination compared to evidence and a decision reached.

This is all and no more.

This is the best we can do.  We can’t bring the dead back to life.

Then we look at those who have tried to profit from this, the SPLC, and those who have honestly sought justice also.

We judge them all in the light of day.

Then, perhaps, we might see to it this never happens again.  As for Zimmerman, it is not for me to judge.  I have seen no evidence for a defense thus far but this is why we have trials, why we have laws but it is also why our legal system has failed as trials and laws sometimes, if not often, are subverted as they have been already in Sanford, Florida.

If anything, Zimmerman is made to look more guilty by the misconduct of local officials than anything else as there also seems to be an active cover-up in motion, one that may send others to jail, and, perhaps should.

Many may find themselves in prison because of this.

What Zimmerman told us was that he saw the black community as a threat.  Most of the nations of the world say the same about the State of Israel.   You didn’t know?  This is a different story and yet the same, can a crime that is legal in Israel if the victim is not Jewish be legal in Florida if the victim is not Jewish?

The ADL and SPLC seem to be saying so but in their own underhanded way.

The truth is in a few seconds of recordings, a few photographs and the story of one surviving young man, nowhere else.

It is also a story that goes much further, if we care to admit it, to the Middle East, across America, into the dark hearts of those of more than one race, who look into the face of a stranger and see an enemy.

I’ve heard the tales, tall tales at that.  I have also heard the screams for help, silenced by gunshots.  Can we be convinced this is a simple misunderstanding, a tragedy?  We could have before the coverup began and the lying started.

Now it has gone much further, so much further.  When we know something is really wrong, when there is something bad to cover up, will we expect to hear from Alan Dershowitz next?  Is that much money involved here?


Gordon Duff is a consultant to police organizations around the world and has worked as an investigator on a number of the highest profile criminal cases in our era.

March 23, 2012
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