All Ammunition Sales Could be Cut Off in the Name of National Defense Resource Preparedness?

This President is trying to set up a dictatorship by executive orders bypassing congress. We all know he is very anti gun. Obama and his attorney general are trying to disarm the people by hook or crook. They tried operation fast and furious as a false flag to attack the right to keep and bear arms as a reason to go after our guns. The right to keep and bear arms like Social Security is now the third rail in Politics. Congress cannot get a bill passed because if they vote against the right to keep and bear arms. Then there is a good chance the incumbent Congressional Representative will not be reelected if they vote against the second amendment.

President Obama signed executive Order called the National defense Recourse Preparedness declaring Martial Law on America. Under the executive order, the President though his agencies can seize anything and everything, including people in the name of national preparedness. Can we see gun sales escalate to a new high again? Ever since Obama was announced as the President Elect, firearm sales have seen a drastic increase with the trajectory going higher.

This President has demonstrated he will grab power, take power wherever he can and wants. He has declared himself dictator above the law. He bypasses congress on war making powers and using the regulatory process of the agencies to implement law without an act of congress if he cannot get the bill passed.

All of Obama's actions, people have been responding buying guns and ammunition as a record number. Gun makers and ammunition suppliers are having a hard time keeping up with demand. So how can Obama attack gun ownership covertly? It has been reported that the Federal government are buying up most of the ammunition to increase the price so purchasing bullets will be expensive.

With all the activity, the Federal government has demonstrated declaring war on the people with the NDAA, the Trespass bill and the latest executive order he signed in the dark of night. The people are now past being afraid of the government and now starting get angry. Guns and ammunition are flying off the shelf because they do not trust the government. The see Obama for what he is, a man trying to be a dictator trying to rule over us.

So where could Obama use this new executive order to attack the American people? That is by cutting off Ammunition sales as a way going after gun ownership. Ammunition without guns is useless. A gun without ammunition is just as useless. The anti gun crowd and the Obama Administration have been working hard to go after the ammunition. This is one of the ways he might attack the second amendment is going after the ammunition using this executive order in the name of National Defense Resource Preparedness.

My suggestion is buy ammunition reloading kits and save all your brass on the range. This administration is trying to break our will moving fast with one draconian decree after another. We cannot afford to let these tyrants have their way. We have to be about having the solution and not just complain about the problem. They are moving fast because they are desperate and knowing the American people have awoken from their sleep.

This President wants a monopoly on force where they have the guns and ammo while we are left defenseless. We all know what will happen when the government that has a monopoly on deadly force, there is mass murder. We have to have a solution in place when they try to cut off the ammunition sales to us, if they dare try. Therefore, I tell everyone buy more ammo, buy ammunition reloading kits and learn the skill.

They are coming for the ammunition; we have to be ready if they try. This President is arrogant and stupid at the same time. He is over confident and he has no clue. The authoritarian signing this executive order I believe is really biting off more then they can chew. I believe it is too late for them to play police state on us. Therefore, if we have a solution in place so we have ammunition if they try to cut it off or in short supply. If we keep our guns and our ammo ready to lock and load. We will keep our freedom.

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