When Silence Becomes Betrayal

When Silence Becomes Betrayal

Sent to me by long-time reader Peter Hunt.

The Suppression of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions

Our national scientific organizations, from the Department of Energies multiple labs to NASA and the prestigious Naval Research Labs all recognize that a new clean and low cost mechanism for producing energy has come into being. It exists it is replicable and has broad applications. This new evolving science of energy production, which had it’s start with two electro Chemists, Fleischman and Pons back in 1989 holds the potential for near to unlimited clean, inexpensive and thermal power.

The technology, which is as of yet not fully understood, now travels under multiple names of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR), Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions (LANR) or the old moniker of “ Cold Fusion”.
For validation and the dimensions of the potential impacts see the official NASA Video:
Or their three sets of Power Point presentations which were released this last Fall under a Freedom of Information request:
Add to this the technical validation of Shell Oil and BP ( Amoco) which were conducted in 1995 and buried only to be recently released. Then there is the ten years of Technical Papers by the Office of Naval Research and the peer reviewed Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science which has been around for several years.

This phenomena of LENR holds the answer to climate change problems, in that it produces no greenhouse gases, fossil fuel depletion and escalating costs, with no troublesome by products. It utilizes the reaction of elemental Hydrogen and Nickel rather than the historic use of Deuterium and rare Palladium, which were the initial materials of Fleischmann and Pons. This use of metal hydrides consumed in exceptionally small quantities do not pose raw material problems and the conditions of reaction are mild in terms of temperature and pressure.

In short it is clean, cheap and simple in fabrication so that it could be used at the household level for huge savings in heat and power under what is called dispersed generation. Close to free energy. The step up to electrical production from this near to unlimited heat source is not trivial but well within the spectrum of engineering and time using simple heat engines such as the Sterling cycle. Yes there is a good deal of engineerin g yet to be done to optimize the systems but little excuse for “ denial”.

Yet because of it’s disruptive implications to a high cost and polluting energy based economy our government refuses to acknowledge, discuss and much less support it’s development with public funds. Indeed there is evidence of overt suppression on the part of our government while The Department of Energy and Climate Change of Great Britain acknowledges and is openly examining the potential benefits. Those in the know such as our government officials and privileged private sector members will, however, have the chance to adjust their personal behavior, portfolio’s to profit and protect themselves.

Under multiple names such as “cold fusion”, from the days of Fleischmann and Pons in 1989 to the current moniker of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions ( LENR ) or Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions ( LANR ) the phenomenon of utilizing the lattice of metal and Hydrogen as metal hydrides we can produce near to unlimited energy in the form of heat. The cost is low, the conditions mild in terms of temperature and pressure, and the rate of common materials consumption is amazingly low.

Secretary Chu of the Department of Energy is surely on the inside of these developments and has briefed and been briefed on it’s potential – yet he remains publically silent. For a scientist and a public servant this is betrayal. Let the insiders profit first – let the insiders protect their positions before a slow leaking to public knowledge stirs the markets.

Know that China, Japan, Korea , Italy and Greece are moving quickly on this technology and it’s engineering. They will in short soon eat our lunch because of overt neglect. Our reactant behavior will put us at an even further disadvantage in world competition.

Yes. J’accuse our government of betrayal of the public weal.

In a land of lies truth becomes treason. This from our temple of Science.

Peter S. Hunt Feb 16 2012


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