Israel to receive 4th German-made dolphin class submarine

An Israeli Dolphin class submarine docks in Haifa (File Photo).

The fourth dolphin-class submarine constructed by Germany will be delivered to the Israeli Navy in the near future, reports say.

According to an Israeli security official, the construction of the submarine is almost over and it will be transferred to Israel after undergoing deep sea tests.

Germany has already provided Israel with three Dolphin submarines, two of which were donated by Berlin and the third half-funded. Two more Dolphin-class submarines are expected to be delivered to Israel by 2013 as part of Tel Aviv plans to transform its navy into a deep-water navy.

The diesel-electric submarine built by Germany's HDW shipyard, which is a division of ThyssenKrupp AG., is reportedly capable of carrying nuclear missiles.

The 68-meter long boat is believed to be the longest German-made submarine after World War II.


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