The Same Type of Corruption and Collusion Between Big Companies and Their Government Regulators That Exists In Finance And Energy May Also Infect The Anti-Cancer Industry

According to the documentary movie Burzynski:

  • A 1992 law - the Prescription Drug User Fee Act - puts the FDA on the payroll of the pharmaceutical industry. The FDA gets more than half of its money from the pharmaceutical industry

  • Many FDA advisors are also consultants to big drug companies
  • The FDA has said that only giant pharmaceutical companies with very deep pockets - not individuals - should be granted the right to create anti-cancer treatments
  • The FDA deems it irrelevant whether or not anti-cancer treatments work
  • The same corruption and collusion between big companies and their governmental regulators that exists in finance, politics and energy also infects the anti-cancer industry

Click here to watch. (I'm having trouble embedding the video).

The movie is an hour and forty-eight minutes long, but very well made, and definitely worth the time. For more information, see this.

Note: I am not a health care professional, and have no expertise of any nature whatsoever in the fields of medicine or cancer. This does not constitute medical or healthcare advice.


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