what's that jacket?

1. Found the MMM store in LA
2. White girl rap is real


Stolen Girlfriends Club sweater courtesy of Dear Fieldbinder, Zara jeans, H&M men's belt, Margiela boots, Alexander Wang bag, Ray Ban Wayfarers

Is there a way to wear a fuzzy angora sweater without looking like you have an attitude problem? All signs point to no.


The Weeknd - Dirty Diana

And the story continues...


Something you should know… you looked gorgeous on Sunday.

Thank you.

Most welcome. How are you?

I'm in LA.

It's nice. Was thinking of moving here. How are you?

I'm cold in SF. I think about moving to LA every day.

You should. You should do what makes you happy.

Happiness is all around us.

What does that mean?

I can find happiness in SF.

What else do you think about?

Sometimes you.

How was your day? Tell me.

Another one full of running around. Some was fruitful, some was futile. And yours, what of?

Flying home tomorrow.

Flying to LA tomorrow. Is this symbolic of us?

It doesn't have to be.

I really wish Sunday didn't turn sour.

Bad days happen.

Better ones await?

Is that what you want?


Tell me what you want.

To love. And be loved.

That's what I want too.

So simple.

Will you kiss me now?

I never stopped.

3.1 phillip lim

3.1 Phillip Lim blazer, Friend of Mine shirt courtesy of Friend of Mine, Cheap Monday jeans, Margiela boots and bracelet, Nixon watch

The best part about this jacket is that it has straps on the inside to hold onto while you're doing that non-committal over-the-shoulder thing. I attempted to style the model-on-duty by requesting to take off her tank top, shoes, and belt. If it were up to me, she'd be barefoot and wearing a plunging lavender jumpsuit. Available in Spring.

and stretch

Megan Fox by Greg Williams

Love this video of Megan Fox for Esquire. Because you can never have enough writhing girls in very little clothes. The Sade dress makes a guest appearance. Lots and lots of sexy bonus points.

And... congratulations to Jill from Those Ghosts, you are the winner of the Sachin + Babi giveaway. I especially enjoy the fact that your parents have a walnut plantation. And I too, am a fan of fuzzy mohair sweaters. Email me to claim your prize.

pirelli x mario sorrenti

2012 Pirelli Calendar by Mario Sorrenti

Always a fan of the Pirelli Calendar. View the rest here.

The move was a success. I'm settling into my new home in Hollywood. I passed by the Michael Jackson Auditorium the other day. Seems vaguely inappropriate.

your mom's gift guide

Cartier Love bracelet, Lulu Says available in December, UNIF t-shirt, Byredo Bakers' Guild candle

A holiday gift guide featuring a 5k bracelet, my second book, and a candle that smells exactly like raisin bread. Mmm... festive.

PS: Have you seen the new Patrik Ervell online store? I'm dying for the bomber jacket and flightsuit.

take flight

MA-1 bomber, Stylemint t-shirt courtesy of Stylemint, Nectar jeans courtesy of Nectar, Chanel lipstick in Enthusiast

It seems appropriate to be wearing a flight jacket on the eve of my big move to Los Angeles. My bags are packed and to be honest... I'm scared.

10 days in shanghai

I hadn't seen my dad for an extended period of time in quite awhile. I never saw my dad as anything less than someone that everybody followed, without question. Between working on my project, being chauffeured by a guy who didn't speak any English, and so often, straddling the line between contentment and raging anger, I would come home and see my dad writing in his journal and forgetting things. The realization that your parents are getting old is both humbling and terrifying.

In between, I sought refuge at the Swissôtel Shanghai and discovered a store called I.T. where I got an arm cramp browsing through the massive racks of Isabel Marant.

liquid metal

Haider Ackermann SS12

In my past life, I was a (sexy) machine.

baby... it's yours

Sachin + Babi sweater courtesy of Sachin + Babi, Cheap Monday jeans, Céline sandals, Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses

I'm back from Shanghai and to say that I've learned a lot is an understatement. There's a Chinese saying that goes, "Nice shoes will take you nice places." I had this in mind when I purchased these sandals from the Céline store at IFC in Pudong. I'm normally not the type of person to spend a lot of money on expensive clothes and shoes. I mean... I have a few nice things. But this purchase was very special to me. It marks a new starting point in my life. A point which, when I look back on, I will think "Wow, remember when I thought buying those shoes was such a big deal?"

There's this joke (but it's not really a joke) about how I want to be the Asian Oprah. I have another book coming out next month. Preview here. But really, what makes Oprah great? She gives away free stuff!

So with that said, Sachin + Babi is giving away this unbelievably cozy sweater (retails $305) to one lucky reader.
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This contest will run for 10 days. It is open to everyone in the US. I will pick a winner on November 30 and that winner will have three days to claim their luxurious new knit just in time for fall. Good luck!


Tomorrow I'm headed to Shanghai to work on a project which will hopefully yield some good results. Susan Miller says it's going to be a fantastic month. This of course, makes it true.

crisp whites

Finally got these babies shipped to me by the Theory store in San Francisco. Sort of reminds me of Céline Resort and these Calvin Klein ads with Lara Stone where she's wearing white orthopedic shoes (but they're perfect). Buying shoes is kind of a big deal for me.

On Friday, I made my friend watch the new Almodovar film with me (which is excellent). I wore my Theyskens' Theory shoes but failed to consider how precarious they really are. In actuality, I spent most of the night trotting through the theater, lifting each wobbly foot, grunting, and asking my guy friend if he thought this was sexy. He did not.

Anyways, if you're still interested (and you should because they're lovely). There's a few pairs left in the Theory warehouse per special request. Call your nearest store and they can hook you up.

jpegs and tacos

My friend Tim has been shooting me for the blog for over a year now. He is truly the definition of a great friend. I tried to write this entry like five or six times because it was actually extremely hard to put into words just how much I adore this man. Although sometimes we bicker like an old married couple. Let's just say... his laissez faire sense of direction has gotten me into more than a few vehicular predicaments. He's always there to pretend to listen to you complain while watching sports. Also, to share jpegs and a couple of tacos with.

Tim is the Creative Director of SOMA Magazine. You can follow his Tumblr and Twitter.

banks violette

Make as much art as you can. Do it while you still have something to say. Do it while it's all you have (but not until there's nothing left). To live your life and to give yourself a reason to live for. All we have is the work we do for ourselves, but most of all, for each other. The end.

no ordinary love

Friend of Mine "Midnight Toker" dress, vintage Gap jacket, Margiela bracelet, Nixon watch, Acne "Raya" shoes

This is my Sade dress. It's very nineties with a big slit and soft to touch.


Leather wedges from Theyskens' Theory in clinical white patent. It's like those platform sneakers those girls used to wear in middle school but all grown up. Who knows if I'll ever find a pair in my size. Although they are probably the only color I will accept them in.

I was also loving all the punk inspired hairstyles from Prada Fall 2011. Another picture here. There's a great article in W which talks about how subcultures are a huge influence on Phoebe Philo for Céline. I like how proud she is of where she's from. Because I feel the same. The most progressive ideas will always be rooted in the every day. The basic need to express yourself and make a little noise.

color me

Inspired by one of my favorite covers of Interview Magazine

So... it's here. My first book for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Or rather, my first gift back to the community of fashion enthusiast readers who have given me so much over the past three years. When I think of the two most important moments of my life: the first is the start of this blog, and the beautiful (but sometimes rather tough) journey it takes me on. The second is when I finally embraced myself as a writer (bad grammar and all). And I know, "it's just a coloring book!" But when I think about it... why did I turn to the internet in the first place? Because I had these interests I just had to pursue but was either too scared, too unknowledgeable, or too frustrated to share with anyone else. So this is for the 14-year-old Lulu. The girl who hung out on AOL fashion message boards and devoured "What are you wearing?" threads like it was that unfinished math homework her parents wished she cared about instead. I know there's a lot of you out there. And we hope you enjoy what we've made.

Pre-order now on Amazon. 128 pages. Available in March.


Flatforms via Ebay

I'm fulfilling the 15-year-old in me and buying things that appeal to my immediate urges. A good example: Marc Jacobs backpack that looks like the sea. I like teenagers. I like how they blog. And I like what they buy. When they feel sad. You feel sad. It's blogging without the blatant advertising. And even when it's done. It's cheeky. It truly feels like blogging... from the gut.

My favorite teens here, here, and here.


"A lot of times, people don't know what they want
until you show it to them."
- Steve Jobs

1. New grind
2. New groove (style for dayz)

And what if you did exactly what others expected you to. And you still didn't make it?

cloud 10

Shirt courtesy of Katwalk, vintage Levi's cut offs courtesy Stone Cold Vintage, Marc Jacobs backpack, Chloe boots, Helmut Lang SS04 bracelet

Washed out pink walls inspired by the Céline pop up shop in Paris.

Sometime last week I went on a date. We got Chinese food and there were big screens playing football over the tables. For two hours we watched Chinese dads huddled around a television screen eating fried rice and ignoring their wives. The highlight was probably when my date threw up his fist at the only other white guy across the room and proclaimed, "my brother!" I had sort of imagined a more romantic setting.

what is this place?

You know what's funny about the Sutro Baths? It's really not as nice as you think it would be. Kind of smells like rotting sewage and the mistakes of teenagers.


via Vogue

1. Theyskens' Theory high-rise/ low-rise denim
2. Patrik Ervell custom Red Wing shoes with lucite wedge and this overall look

Just a few things that stood out to me this season. Clever + cool.

In other news, MARC JACOBS ordered my book. I will be stocked in his bookstore, Bookmarc starting in March! Exciting, yeah?

kicking dirt

American Apparel crop top, thrifted skirt, H&M Conscious Collection denim jacket courtesy of H&M, Acne "Raya" shoes

We found this empty baseball field while wandering around the hills of San Francisco.

I got this jacket as part of the H&M Conscious Collection which came out in May. I've worn it so much it's still a bit dirty around the edges. They were so gracious to send me to Coachella, dress me in head-to-toe H&M, and provide me with my very own driver, Moe. I'll never forget it.

This weekend, I saw the movie Drive. Basically, I will watch anything with Ryan Gosling in it. But the soundtrack is also excellent (in case anyone was looking for something to listen to). I sort of feel like a heroine in some nineties movie about high school in these pictures. WHY DIDN'T YOU WRITE ME RYAN?