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This is best to watch in HD. I think I love Fabien Baron as much as I love Alexander Wang. My blog header was originally inspired by the font inside Interview magazine. First introduced by Fabien Baron. Actually, if anyone has access to this custom version of Monotype Modern I would be forever grateful. For those who have no interest in typography please enjoy the Abbey Lee Kershaw-ness.

it's been awhile...

LUCYD ACYD blouse courtesy of LUCYD ACYD, T by Alexander Wang bra, American Apparel shorts, Helmut Lang SS 04 bracelet, Storets boots

I know it's been awhile since I last posted. Sometimes, I think it's a good thing to post more infrequently. It's kind of like the way I used to look forward to magazines each month. Blogging has spoiled our generation. We are so impatient now.

Today was especially hot so therefore strange. A text from my friend Heidi says it all:
I am having a crisis because of the hot weather.
We are the kind of people that love to play it fast and loose with words like "crisis," "disaster," and phrases like "OMG my life is over!" I want to make another vlog but it takes me so long to edit out all the times I say "like."

In case you don't follow my tumblr. Here's what I've been up to:
  • I love these Storets boots.
  • I got a tattoo -- a small one behind my ear. It's kind of difficult to photograph but I will try again next time.
  • My book deadline has been pushed up to September ie: right now. For those who are inquiring it will be available Fall 2011.
  • Sneak preview of the jewelry collaboration coming next week.
  • Slowly attempting to decorate my place. I'm kind of obsessed with light fixtures and/ or anything that emits a comforting glow. Go figure.
  • Boys are still weird and slightly stupid.


Thrifted diy cropped thermal, thrifted skirt, Target fishnets, Ray Ban sunglasses, LowLuv + vintage bangles, Triskaidekaphobia ring courtesy of Triskaidekaphobia, LowLuv ring, Novica ring courtesy of Novica, Chanel nail polish in Particuliere

The magic hour truly is like magic. This part of the city rarely gets enough love. It's kind of eerily quiet and perfect for a Sunday walk, sushi, and beer with a friend. I don't like places with a lot of people. It actually gives me anxiety... like going to the mall freaks me out... I guess that's why I often say I'm an introvert. We spotted this weird effect that reflected onto a row of houses. It almost looked like everything was underwater. Strange.

We went to a bar where my friend had first met this lesbian Latina he dated a few years ago. Apparently, she was hot but kind of crazy. Aren't we all? They also serve Corona in a can -- strange again.