I attempted to blow a bubble.

Memorial Day

My good friend Melissa had a BBQ in Oakland. Her boyfriend, V took this picture. I still find it weird to have my picture taken. But, in general, I'm going to attempt to take more outfit pictures. And update this blog more regularly. You can choose to believe that or not.

This weekend, I learned that Korean kareoke in Japantown will stay open til 5AM.

I dropped off Jason at the airport.


Random stuff I've collected in the past month.

1. Ebay feather necklace
2. Opening Ceremony x Pendleton shorts
3. Manic Panic in "Lie Locks"
4. Toms shoes
5. iLIKE*mystYLe magazine courtesy of Martin
6. NOVICA anklet courtesy of NOVICA
7. Orbit gum in Wintermint courtesy of Orbit

creep by hiroshi awai


I've been living in my Opening Ceremony x Pendleton cuff shorts this season. And I wish I could add these floral pair by Creep to the list as well. Too bad it's sold out. Booooo. A tip for ladies who want to wear men's shorts this summer: have the sides taken in just a bit to achieve that perfect menswear fit. Add a slouchy t-shirt, a beat up belt, lots of jewelry, and you're good to go.

Hiroshi Awai looks great in his own clothes, don't you think?

Cinnamon nails

Orbit gum in Cinnamint courtesy of Orbit, Np2 nail polish in Infinity courtesy of Np2, NOVICA 'Princess Trio' ring courtesy of NOVICA, Pamela Love ring, Fashionology ring courtesy of Fashionology

This ring is killer - my new favorite. And I painted my nails to match my new favorite Orbit gum in Cinnamint. The weather has been absolutely crazy. First rain, now wind. Did I mention I hate wind? You don't want to see me in wind. It is like the most pathetic thing you will ever see in your entire life.

BTW I've been dating. GAAAH. BOYS.


T by Alexander Wang longsleeve, The Scarlet Room skirt courtesy of Annie @The Scarlet Room, Fashionology cross necklace courtesy of Rachel @Fashionology, fishnets, Chloe boots

This weather sucks.


Notcot, Wizzystyle, Cobrasnake, Nasty Gal, Mossonline, Google Images


I never smile with teeth

You can't tell... but I'm like... sooooooooo happy.

What's inside my bag

Topshop leather backpack:

Ray Ban large tortoise Wayfarers
Chanel lipstick in Enthusiast
White chocolate Kit Kat
Comme des Garçons long wallet
Orbit gum in Maui Melon Mint courtesy of Orbit
Mini copper bobby pins
Cable knit arm warmers from Ebay
Iphone 3g
La Dama Joan earpiece courtesy of La Dama

Hey guys, this month I've partnered with Orbit. That's right, the gum. I've always liked to chew Orbit, but now I can chew it for the REST OF MY LIFE thanks to the 24 individual packs of Orbit gum which just arrived at my doorstep. Haha, amazing.

"Hey, I think you're beautiful. Here's my card, we should hang out sometime."

Ester and I were talking about how men and women who live in the city are very often over stimulated. Even if you met someone who fulfilled every wanton desire that you had - would you even be able to appreciate it?

In the case of N.E.R.D. concert boy, I guess it meant... attemping to pick up MY FRIEND at a bar in the Mission the day after I went on vacation. Well, it's pretty fortunate (or unfortunate) that I happen to know EVERY SINGLE ASIAN GIRL that lives in San Francisco. And they ALL like me.

Or, in Twitter speak: #revengeismine, #getchlamydia


J: Sorry... I think I know who you are talking about... & I can assure you I did not hit on your friend. I only date Asians, I think I've told you my white girl story. [My friend is Asian]

1. TJ thought she was cute, so I started convo for him [I don't know who TJ is]
2. I did not ask for her #
3. She or her friend asked for my card, I did not offer it
4. I did not compliment on her looks, just Opening Ceremony boots that I thought were A. Wang [My friend doesn't own Opening Ceremony boots]
5. You know your friend, you must know she's a bit of an exaggerator, at least that's what I was able to gather from our short convo [I don't know who he is talking about, but it's good to know he'd totally throw
your friends under the bus]

I did go out last night, ran into M------ from Shotwell and chatted with him most of the time while TJ chased white girls all night. He asked why I wasn't talking to any girls and I said I was really into this girl & he
guessed you first. Even he knows my type.

Stop being silly Lulu, I like you, seriously.

Me: LOL, WRONG GIRL. Nice try, creep.

I guess it would have been more effective if he had been talking about the right girl. COOL STORY, BRO. In any event, I had a great time in LA. It was the best thing I could have done for myself in months. But coming home to deal with this annoyance really fuels my desire to move.

John making me coffee, breakfast at his place

John is a funny guy. He wears these sunglasses that kind of look like Grey Ant but mostly look like Blue Blockers. This is his cat paint art.

Me: What's up with the little cat?
Other J: Perspective

I hate cats, pretty Geri

I met up with Geri for mimosas and eggs. I love this mini mogul in the making. We went to Revolve, right next door, and I bought this great oversized henley from Kain in gray. Pics soon.

Pretty Ester, preview of materials for Little Rooms x Lulu

The theme of the trip was "I'm on vacation." But we did manage to squeeze in some jewelry time between a trip to American Rag, Thai takeout, and hanging out by Ester's pool. BEST WEEKEND EVER!

This outfit also looks good wet

Thrifted plaid shirt, thrifted belt, Topshop jeans (cut off), Topshop leather backpack, La Dama jeweled handchain courtesy of Leticia @La Dama

Ugh, I love this backpack. I didn't even realize it was leather when I ordered it... definitely a nice surprise. When the rain didn't go away, my pant-free option did. This is my rainy day outfit. I wore this to drop off a Uniqlo men's jacket that was suspiciously left in my backseat on Saturday.

So suspicious.

PS: Check out my interview with Martin from!

just another friday night...

1. KIN by Microsoft N.E.R.D. secret show at the European Collision Center. Thanks Jordana!
2. The line for the bar was RIDICULOUS. While I was double fisting Redbull vodka, a cute boy approached to ask for my number. Raging alcoholism is very attractive.
3. My friend Alex had a great idea to sneak into N.E.R.D.'s dressing room so we could steal his booze. SUP Pharrell!
4. The show was starting. Asher Roth was there too.
5. Cindy had already taken her 5-Hour Energy. Apparently, I was not as prepared for the BOLLYWOOD/ RAVE that followed.
6. Asher Roth dances funny.

Proenza Schouler A/W 10

Pic sent from a reader


Fuzzy.. Wang.. and stuff

Thrifted suede coat, T by Alexander Wang longsleeve, Alexander Wang Edita mules courtesy of Jen @Forward

So the big news... I'm officially an author!!!

And I'm celebrating by... taking a trip to LA. Give me a bottle of Tito's Handmade Vodka, good friends, and lots of shameless non-activity in the sun.

In the meantime, I forgot to talk about my shoes. I've been looking for a suitable summer replacement for my Chloe boots. God... I wear those things too much. It's been a tough search, but I think I've finally found them. And I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing these Alexander Wang mules just as much. So, thanks Forward!


Studded Hearts

I love this!

I rarely say that about celebrity style. Even "it" girl style... but Zoe Kravitz looks pretty great here. If I had unlimited funds, I would surely have a closet full of Limi Feu, Number (N)ine, and THESE Alexander Wang velvet pants. Plus, a few sluttier options... of course!

It's also nice to see some outfits that aren't accessorized by panties or nothing at all. USEFUL.


Iro washed silk tunic, American Apparel socks, Alexander Wang bra, Chloe boots, Chanel lipstick in Enthusiast, Fashionology cross and bird skull necklaces courtesy of Rachel @Fashionology, vintage fur trim suede jacket (not shown)

I was supposed to post this weeks ago... THIS is what I wore on my audition in New York. It's kind of deceptively basic. The back is long, and the whole thing is made of gorgeous thick washed silk. This is possibly the best piece of clothing I've purchased in awhile. And if anyone is looking for the perfect red lipstick. This Chanel color is my favorite - a bright orange red shade called Enthusiast.

I'm waiting for my hair to grow out. I want LONG Jesus hair for summer. It's going to be a good look.


me: i can't come this weekend, pharrell's show
the*****: there's a really fancy best western at sunset plaza
me: but susan miller says i'm not supposed to go til the end of may
the*****: hahaha
me: ok no best western
the*****: dude its FANCY
in the nice area lol
and close
me: is it really?
the*****: you said cheap!
me: i need to see this

the*****: just stay at the bougie best western, its like $160 a night
So I'm going to El Lay for some much needed sunshine...

May 14th weekend!
Can't wait to see Ester and Geri.

I also have some exciting news - if you've been following me on Twitter - then you already know.

I'm wearing 15 pieces of jewelry right now...

Thrifted thermal, T by Alexander Wang shorts courtesy of Marisa @Tobi, American Apparel socks, Chloe boots, Chanel temporary tattoos, Triskaidekaphobia buckle ring courtesy of Tiff @Triskaidekaphobia, Bliss Lau art deco body chain


I'm living in my T by Alexander Wang long johns shorts from Tobi. They are so soft and comfortable - I'm dying for the pants version.