"Random pet peeve for the day"

Apologies for the quality. Everything is in boxes and it's like... 3AM... again. I'm wearing a thrifted silk shirt, a beanie from Yesstyle, and a vintage strawberry necklace that I purchased five years ago from Kokon To Zai in London.

I kind of got tired of answering questions for the night. Sometimes it feels like a never ending well. Except, instead of bricks, it's made out of teenage girls. I also did a short interview here. Media Monday! So thrilling!


Limi Feu AW/10

Every time.


Fiona Apple "Criminal"

And this is like me after.

It's tough to get your rocks off when you're so messed up in the head. My friends like to sexually harass me. It's their new "thing."

You can't put your arms around a memory

I'm enamored by this photo of Kate by Corinne Day taken in 1990. Last night, Tim and I were exchanging music. I'll trade you Pentagram for Johnny Thunders, and what not. I remembered, I forgot to mention that I got my ears pierced!

I wanted to do something physical to mark the change in my life. The last time I did that, I chopped off my hair. What a stupid thing to do. Anyways, I ordered these earrings from Topshop, which are supposedly a threatening 24cm long. Aren't they lovely?

Striped tights and party frocks

Jasmine Di Milo's AW/10 Presentation

I would wear!

In a garden in the house of love...

American Archive vintage t-shirt courtesy of Casey @American Archive, Junya Watanabe satin skirt w/ floral overlay, regular jewelry, Ashish for Topshop leopard wedges, Litter chains

>>my favorite song<<

It's raining. A few weeks ago, Casey from American Archive sent me several things in the mail. This Rod Stewart vintage tour t-shirt seemed kind of funny. I can't afford new shoes right now. I'm moving into my new condo at the end of the month. So I bought these shoe chains to kind of... jazz it up. Ewww I hate that phrase.

The eagle has landed

Watch his hair grow.


Last week I went to Target to buy a shoe rack. It was probably a bad idea for me to wear thigh highs to Target - but I don't have a fashion show to go to, so Target seemed good enough.

As I was walking out, I hear these guys start hollering at me from their car. I keep walking to my car, pretending I don't hear them. I put my shoe rack in the backseat and buckle my seat belt. I'm about to leave when I see this guy walking towards my car. He's wearing a backwards hat and smoking a cigarette.

I roll down my window, and he asks:
"Hey, what's your name?"
I stare blankly.
"What's your name?"
"I like your outfit."
"What are you doing right now."
And I'm thinking, dude, I'm going to go home and assemble my shoe rack. You would know, you fucking stalked me across the parking lot.
"Do you want to hang out with me and my friend Mike?"
"Are you sure?"
"Are you sure you don't want to hang out with me and MY FRIEND MIKE."

After I left, I finished building my shoe rack. And now when people ask me what I did last week. I say, I almost got raped in the Target parking lot.



Hey, it rhymes :)

I like pretty girls in Comme des Garçons. You don't have to be pretentious and reference way too much when you talk. Or believe everything should be "art" and everybody should be "individual." Accessibility is nice. I'm glad they didn't put Abbey in a black bowl cut wig and make her do weird arm reaching poses. That shit is soooo boring.

Things I'm also into: pink, longer hemlines, and house plants... I think I need one... but they don't sell those at the Daiso.