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Giving thanks

RVCA Shiver tee, vintage pants, Chloe boots

I'm glad many of you enjoyed the last post. Thank you so much for all of the email. I know I have a habit of coming of kind of callous. I can assure you that I'm really a very nice person in real life.

Since it's Thanksgiving. Here are 10 things I'm thankful for:

1. Working from home
2. Reality television
3. My boyfriend (he bought me a tv)
4. Prescription medication
5. The Olsen twins
6. The sushi restaurant next to my apartment
7. Kylie Minogue (I've been listening to "The One" nonstop)
8. This Alexander Wang sweater in white
9. Maker's Mark
10. All my readers

That's it! Happy Thanksgiving!

“I'm usually very miserable, so I reward myself with a fur coat every year. ” - DK

rip Daul Kim

I didn't like Daul because she was pretty (she was). I didn't like Daul because she had a cool sense of style (she did). I liked Daul because there was something there I could relate to. It's frowned upon to blog about your feelings on a fashion blog. But the truth is...

most fashion blogs/ people/ personalities just seem so boring. "Be a real person!" I would say. Do you ever wonder if anyone feels anything beyond "Oh I covet this..."?

One time, I wrote about my nervous breakdown. And then everyone called me a "bitch." It's too bad people aren't happy and smiling all the time, huh?

Bad Romance

RVCA dress, knit cardigan, drug store tights, Chloe Doc boots, vintage jewelry


Last night, we wandered around the supermarket, listening to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance (in my head), and trying to rid ourselves of that disgusting lamb smell you get after hot pot.

On Halloween I dressed up as a LEGO. Putting something on your head is just too easy. My LEGO head and I (and some friends) ended up at a bar on Haight where the phrase "please don't grab at my head" doesn't begin to describe the horror. I shudder at the thought of a thousand hands on and/ or around my face.

RVCA sent me another sweet package of goodies including this dress and few other things I'll be wearing throughout the week. Ray got a haircut. And uh... I got new shoes.