Kings of the Wild Frontier

Alexander Wang dress, Topshop thigh high boots, vintage necklaces

On the way to my friend Jazabel's birthday at Nihon Whiskey Lounge. We stopped by Hotel Nikko to take some pictures. I love this dress - I had it altered awhile back but never bothered to take photos. Unfortunately, I love it so much I left it crumpled on my Chesterfield for a few weeks. Is that "effortless" or what!

Happy Halloween!!!
(I'm going as a LEGO head.)

B-Side Babies

Tom Ford Anouk sunglasses, La Dama rosary

Cat-eye glasses... meow!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Leticia at La Dama is amazing. She told me that this rosary can be made in various colors. I'm thinking white would be pretty cool.

These past two weeks have been the most unproductive two weeks of my life!!! I managed to put aside everything else because I suffer from that inability to focus/ prioritize/ multi-task. I'll probably get it together this week, or so my horoscope says...



Michelle Yue did a serious ink portrait of me. I'm so flattered, thanks so much girl!!!


Wong Kar-Wai's 2046

Faye Wong's outfit (or at least what you can see of it) reminds me of this Erdem lace trench I posted about a few weeks ago. If you haven't seen this movie, rent it or any Wong Kar-Wai movie for that matter and be inspired.

View the entire trailer here.

RZ 10.12.09

Season 2, episode 8

Long delayed, of course.

Thank you to Nylon Mexico & Sketchbook magazine for featuring me this month!!!

1... 2... 3

I think everybody had something to say about this Alexander McQueen collection. The first and last dress are really the best. Otherwordly.

I'm wearing this shirt from Yesstyle that I just received today. The perfect striped shirt. Man... those cute Asian girls can really sell you clothes. The waffle knit thing in the middle reminds me of MK. Everything on the site is basically under $100. Yes, the jackets too.

Movies that blur the line between art and porn are always worth checking out. I recommend Nagisa Oshima's "In the Realm of the Senses" if you want to watch a beautiful film.


*Note: My friends and I have really inappropriate conversation. I guess my memory of the 90's was limited to AOL message boards and chat rooms. I thought My So Called Life was totally boring.

Takashi: hey

Me: a/s/l?

Takashi: 39/m/cambodia
u? asl

Me: 13/m/romania

Takashi: match made in heaven

Me: i think so

Takashi: wanna cyber?

Me: sure, what are you wearing?

Takashi: i'm wearing a cardigan from barneys
and yourself?

Me: take it off

Takashi: ok, now i have a thong made out of banana leaves on
you like that?

Me: LOL!!!!
you took it too far!!!!


Gitman Bros. shirt

Almost time for that one year...

by now, I think he's finally realized what he's gotten himself into.


PS: For those who asked, he's 6 ft.

You kiss your mother with that mouth?


I've turned off my comments. Not quite sure how long I'll leave it like this... but I kind of like it.

As it turns out, the emotionally fragile and paranoid side of me needed to take a break. I don't have the kind of personality which stands up well against this kind of stuff. It hurts me. And I just can't ignore it.

So hold your death threats, cheap insults, and misconceptions for another day. I probably won't miss reading "you're a pretentious bitch" or "ur writing suckz" or any of the uncreative ways there are to insult my face... gosh there's so many.

This blog is finally going to sound like me again. And I'm very very happy about that.

RZ 10.5.09

Season 2, episode 7

My Chesterfield has a new best friend... a pretty amazing trunk coffee table. It started when Ray became totally fed up with the fact that I was purposely ignoring all his not-so-subtle emails he had been sending me during work (re: furniture listings). "Will you just get one already?," he says. "I'm tired of looking at you type on the floor." Well, fine.

Next thing I know, he goes "now I also want you to start remembering where you put your keys."

I can't take this pressure.

PS: I ordered this YSL ring in white.
PPS: I also updated the shoe blog here.

RZ 9.28.09

Season 2, episode 6

Vertigo... interesting.

Apollo 9

Scarlet Room sweater, Seven flared jeans, Brixton hat, Hollywood Collection ring, La Dama rosary, vintage rhinestone necklace, Ashish for Topshop leopard platforms (not seen)

The Scarlet Room and Hollywood Collection was nice enough to send over a few things for me to play with. This sweater is especially perfect for transitioning into fall. And the ring is inspired by a platinum and diamond ring worn by Jean Harlow in the 1930s. Ray has been working non-stop on a major motion movie. That means, you'll probably be seeing a lot of late night photos.

Tonight, my boyfriend learned that I like to watch Mad Money on CNBC when he's not around. Actually, it was more like "YOU watch Mad Money?!" Hmph. I guess it's impossible to insert stock market terms into casual conversation without arousing suspicion. This is further compounded by the fact that I don't actually own any stock. During the course of watching Jim Cramer do his thing... I like to repeat what he says... partly because I think it's funny... partly because I'm tragically impressionable.

Hmm... what do we think about the flares?