All girl action

Erdem S/S 10

It seems like these days, personal style blogs are all about branding and defining oneself as a certain type of style. Whether it be "rock and roll," "90's grunge," "quirky," or "high-end." I've never been very good at categorizing myself.

Erdem is one of those shows that one might not expect to be a favorite of mine this season... but it absolutely is. Gaelle had assured me once, "don't worry, we won't make you wear any floral." A phrase which seemed to confuse me. I love floral! I love lace! I love dresses!

Versus S/S 10

On the completely opposite end, but perhaps not... Christopher Kane for Versus this season was absolutely killer. It references the 90's, sure. But this is classic Versus with a twist. If it's guilty of anything, it's guilty of referencing its own self.

In a way, that's how I've always seen my own personal style. Self-referential, but kind of undefinable. Well, at least that's the goal. Perhaps, ultimately my downfall. Ok enough of that. I need one of those orange dresses.

RZ 9.21.09

Season 2, episode 5

Oh god, it's Monday.

Room at the top

White Teeth by Zadie Smith, Ghost World by Daniel Clowes, White Noise by Don DeLillo, Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

So I'm incredibly behind on this book. I haven't got the nerve to email my publisher back - for fear of presenting her absolutely nothing (hi C). But I just wanted to say that books have been heavy on my mind... and even though this has nothing to do with fashion... sometimes it's nice to take a break.

These are some of my favorite reads. My friends actually told me this would be a bad idea for a post. I figure, it couldn't be any worse than not being able to wear black tights and a black dress ever again. How dare I have the nerve.

White Teeth by Zadie Smith - It's hard to believe that Zadie Smith wrote this amazing book when she was just 24 years old. This was the book that started my initial fascination with all things English. It addresses the post-imperial issue and the economic and identity crisis that plagued Britain during the 60s and 70s.

Ghost World by Daniel Clowes - My publisher turned me onto this comic. Before Ghost World was a terrible movie starring Scarlett Johansson, or an inspiration for Luella S/S 08 (still great), it was actually a really smart graphic novel. The dialogue is incredibly human and realistic. For me, something to relate to.

White Noise by Don DeLillo - Another book about the postmodern condition. Do you see a pattern forming here? Key words: airborne toxic event, radiator cover, television, and James Dean. And it's heavy on the irony.

Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami - I've read many of his other books but this one still remains my favorite. Murakami is the master at capturing moments, no matter how small, which would often otherwise go unnoticed.

RZ 9.14.09

Season 2, episode 4

Sorry for the delay! You still love me, right? :)

Prince charming

Alexander Wang dress, drug store tights, YSL Tribute pumps, vintage leopard coat

I bought this dress so long ago I almost forgot to take any pictures of it for the blog. Tobi was nice enough to provide me with a generous discount. And once again, the bf was nice enough to take pictures. Thanks honey!

Speaking of dresses, my friend Maleeha wrote about Erdem's recent S/S collection here. She pretty much summed up everything I would have said about it. I must be having a girly moment... JUST GORGEOUS.

Did I mention I got a home loan the other day? I'm buying my first house.

Puss n' boots

MAC fluidline in Blacktrack, CB Perfume in Russian Caravan, Julie Hewett cheek & lip shine

I'm afraid this blog doesn't include enough product recommendations. Afterall, it's nice to look at pretty pictures of pretty people sitting in a pretty field. But if you're anything like me, at the end of the day, you just want to buy stuff. These are a few of my favorite products I can't really live without. Warning: I'm not an expert, I just put this stuff on my face and it works.

MAC fluidline - this is the only eyeliner I ever use. There is also an accompanying eyeliner brush which you can purchase separately.

CB Perfume - admittedly, I haven't really tried all the CB scents. But of the ones I have tried, Russian Caravan is my favorite. It smells like lemon tea.

Julie Hewett cheek & lip shine - my newest discovery. I think I must not get enough vitamins or something because my lips are in permanent need of color.

Christopher Kane S/S 10

God, I thought this Christopher Kane show was so pretty. I'm really excited for this collection. It's delicate without being prissy, feminine without being silly, and youthful without being a fucking 80's explosion of bows, patchy denim, and neon. Topshop Unique, seriously?

BRB having lunch at Nasty Gal!

Teppanyaki night

T by Alexander Wang t-shirt, thrifted leopard shorts, Chloe booties, La Dama rosary, Nepal bangles

I finally let the boyfriend take pictures of me. Hooray!

I'm wearing this great lip/ cheek tint by Julie Hewett that I received in one of my gift bags from the lovely people at Coach. The color is called Peachie.

New York has left me feeling a bit underwhelmed. Thank god for the free booze. Colt 45 all night baby. London Fashion Week is coming up and I'm so excited to see something with a bit more... flair? Personality? MAKE ME EXCITED TO GET DRESSED.

5 guns west

Nepal silver bangles, La Dama knotted rosary

Talitha Getty meets the rodeo.

I got my fourth moving violation in 8 months... UGH. First of all, Google Maps SUCKS. Highway 84 SUCKS. I wish... instead of "fastest route"... there was an option that would give you "least f-cking dangerous path." I end up at an intersection pointing to two different directions on Highway 84, neither of them being the options AS STATED BY GOOGLE MAPS. Of course, I end up going the opposite way. So there I am... gas on empty... no turnaround in site... and OH this was a great time realize that I'm actually afraid of the dark.

Sounds like something dirty

Tfs, Le Fashion, Knighttcat

Not feelin' the jock look at Alexander Wang.

Dot dot dot...

Vintage Irvine Sellars (shortened), Nordstrom dot tights, YSL Tribute pumps, bangles from Nepal

I wore this the first night in New York. It was supposed to take me from dinner to show to party. I didn't to make it to the show, but I did stop by the party @ Atelier - literally, it felt like the entire room was wearing Rick Owens, Ann D, or all black. The burgundy dress was quite the elephant in the room. I found one boy wearing a bright blue backpack and I decided to go stand next to him.

In college, I used to fall asleep with the television on for imaginary warmth. I would always have it on CNN - partly for the news, partly for... well... have you ever noticed that CNN's news is just so much more vivid looking than anything else on tv?

BTW do you like my tv? I'm working on getting it a stand. Actually, I'm lying.

Wish you were here

So apparently, everyone else was OK with paying the $9.95 a day for internet in their hotel room...

I'm back home from my incredibly quick trip to New York, more details of that to come. In the meantime, I'm so excited to show you guys the first set of pictures from a shoot I did with my friends at Pixie Market. Gaelle and her team are some of the most genuinely cool people I have ever worked with. The French accent helps too. I dressed up in head-to-toe Carin Wester, channeled my inner Carine (Roitfeld, that is), and munched on fresh fruit and sushi as I prepared to be Pixie-fied.

RZ 9.7.09

Season 2, episode 3

I'm leaving for New York tomorrow so today has kind of turned into a prep day. I'm always so last minute with everything. Coach has booked a great room for me at the Soho Grand, and I've crammed enough stuff into my schedule that I can safely say there will be no time left for shopping or other leisurely activities. Oh man, here we go...

Wear me out

Eugenie Niarchos does Kate via Tfs

Deep within the inspiration archives. I dug this up again since I've been in a real dress up mood. And not in an allnightcrackbinge sort of way. I'm really feeling the glitzy accessorizing and unapologetically glam look. Everything is tasteful but sexy. I really hope we can return to this.


I've been meaning to do a post about this. Last month, Emily had approached me to write for the Style section of The Huffington Post. Ranked by the Observer as "the most powerful blog in the world," it was certainly a pleasure to be asked to contribute.

My brain is already swelling up with ideas. In general, it would be nice to see something written about fashion blogs beyond the impact of a teenage girl's shopping adventures at their local chain retailer [insert pointless quote and commentary]. Or you know... at least not the same 'ol.

New heights...

Scout t-shirt dress, Ashish x Topshop platforms, vintage arm cuff

T-shirt dresses are what I live for... slouchy silhouettes that allow me to borrow from the Rachel Zoe school of accessorizing. The more the better. This is what I'm wearing to grab dinner and drinks with my friend Tim. We like to talk about socialists, where Asian people come from, and why women would look better with shaved eyebrows (his opinion, not mine).

Now, the shoes... they feel epic. They LOOK epic. I posted about them months ago, they're finally here, and they're the most comfortable (and tallest!) shoes I own. For those who missed out - the nice people at Topshop have informed me that they will be re-stocking Ashish platforms in every color/ pattern very soon. Good luck!

RZ 8.31.09

Season 2, episode 2

I think you'll have a few days to watch this before it gets taken down. I'll try and post all the episodes when they're up. I don't think Taylor is so much a brat, as she is someone who's clearly been doing the same job for many years and needs to move on to a different company.

Little Lulu

Got ma juice squeeze

I found this picture of me taken when I was a kid. I have no idea when or where this was taken, but this is pretty much the childhood I remember. Steezin' since 1984. If only blogger existed back then. I'd be killin' it.