New obsession!

Season 2, episode 1

So my new obsession is the Rachel Zoe Project. Season 2 is soooo good. Who cares if people think RZ is a bitch? Being nice is BORING, and that bitch gets it done.

Of course, I don't have Bravo because my cable woman is a liar. I'm still not quite sure what I'm paying for. I'll just resort to making animal noises at Ray for lack of proper entertainment between shows.

"You're so weird."

And then he'll look away.

A little excess

Topshop dress, drugstore tights, vintage necklaces, YSL Tribute pumps

My boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary. But not the kind you would expect. We celebrated the longest relationship he's ever had. So really, it's just his anniversary. For the occassion, I ordered this dress from Topshop awhile back. I figured the look was clearly excessive. Why not add 6-7 more gold necklaces on top of that?

These YSL heels are actually surprisingly comfortable. They definitely take some getting used to, but I've been wearing them as often as my Chloes and feelin' pretty good. A perfectly suitable replacement.

And now...

... my brain is ruined.

Disco me

Topshop sequin blazer, Erin Wasson x RVCA tank, Sowat wings, Forever 21 studded stack, handmade red cord bracelets

This blazer is fun. I tried to smile as much as I could because I'm wearing sparkles. Writing this sentence entertained me more than it should. "Sparkles" is a funny word.

So there's this girl who works at the local Tapioca place. She always takes my order and I love her face because her mouth is like permanently open but it doesn't move at all when she talks. "Youwanpearlwiththat?" Yesterday, I noticed that she had dyed her hair dark (before she had light hair like mine). I feel like I want to say something nice about it, but she would just think it's weird that I'm trying to befriend her. I really think we should be friends LOL.
  • Going to New York, for a quick trip September 9-11.
  • Doing photoshoot with the ever amazing Gaelle for Pixie Market.
  • Hopefully catching a fashion show or two.
  • I got those damn Ashish x Topshop leopard wedges.
  • For those of you who asked: Lucrecia was kind enough to hunt me down those YSLs.
  • And because there was nowhere else to insert this: 14 of the most unintentionally gay rap lyrics ever.


SUPER, Ray Ban, Forever 21, Ray Ban, handmade in Carmel

We could all stand to be a little more zen...

Answers part 2

The long awaited part 2.

41. When was the last time you were truely happy?
Good question! I think these days, I really enjoy spending time with the people I care about most, avoiding work as much as possible. I like daytime activities, usually involving alcohol.

42. Are you allergic to anything?
No, but I do have a strong dislike for durian and various things that smell like body odor.

43. What do you consider the biggest fashion faux pas?
Don't be fooled by long legs.

44. What's your favorite food & drink?
Fresh oysters and a Corona. I'm a simple girl.

45. What do you love/ hate most about clothes?
Good steez goes a long way. But... maybe this is because of blogging... it can all get a bit materialistic.

46. If you could have a super-power, what would it be?
Flying, of course.

47. What was your style like growing up? Tell us about your family.
I was a pretty cute kid. In high school, I wanted to dress like everybody else so badly because I thought my family was very odd, I just wanted to be normal.

48. Do you like blogging?
Yes, sometimes.

49. What is the craziest/ weirdest thing you've ever worn?
People like to put all sorts of strange clothing on me. I've learned, over time, to never allow this to be photographed.

50. If you could wear only one piece of clothing for the rest of your life, what would that be?
I guess it would have to be these YSL Tributes.

51. Did you ever get addicted to Sims?
No, I'm strangely, not a big gamer.

52. What's your secret on getting your blog so popular?
My personal secret? No idea.

53. Three words to describe yourself?
Funny, earnest, and ambitious.

54. Who is far and beyond your favorite band/ musician?
Madonna x Jay-Z x Adam Ant. If someone can figure out a way to remix all of that together they would be my hero. This comes kind of close.

55. What do you use on your skin? What is your skincare regiment?
Shiseido face wash, toner, and lotion. And I get facials once a month.

56. What do people think of you in real life?
I'm the funniest person I know... just kidding.

57. How is your blog personality different from your real life one?
I try and keep this blog fashion related. In real life, there is no way I would be able to talk about clothes and fashion this much.

58. Who do you think is the most attractive female celebrity?
Alexa Chung... she's says funny things and wears cute clothes.

59. If you could swap lives with any celebrity, who would it be and why?
Alexa Chung... she's got a really sweet gig.

60. What article of clothing can't you live without? Pair of shoes?
Can't go wrong with a good dress. I just bought an Alexander Wang one that I love.

61. What kind of guy do you find ideal for you?
Tall Asian boys with nice haircuts.

62. What Asian American are you?
Chinese, born in Shanghai.

63. What size did you get in the Erin Wasson x RVCA dress?
I'm normally an XS. I got a small, it runs small.

64. Could you draw yourself doing something you enjoy the most and post it up?
I don't really sketch.

65. Have you ever regretted blogging your style (and life) online, becoming an online personality?
I think you just have to take all the bad with the good.

66. What were you studying to become in college?
I was never studying to become anything specific. I always just studied what I enjoyed. I did take the LSATS after college and did pretty well. I applied to law school, but obviously, I would've made a terrible lawyer.

67. Do you like your blonde hair?
I do! It's still a work in progress, but it's definitely a nice change. I recently dyed my eyebrows to match.

68. What is your nerdiest hobby?
You see, I don't actually have hobbies, let alone nerdy ones. I know a lot about the internet. Data is my hobby.

69. Awhile ago you said there were some big changes coming to the shoe store. Have those plans been scrapped or still in the works?
It's still on!

70. Where would you like to travel in the future?
I really want to go back to Paris. And the Maldives, of course.

71. How do you manage to get your hands on all the new gear on a budget?
I never pay full price for anything. Always look for a deal.

72. Favorite iPhone app/ games.
Right now, I'm kind of addicted to Oregon Trail. I play Numba to pass the time. Iemoji, any kind of Twitter app,, Shazam, Puri! are also necessary.

73. Who is your favorite designer and why?
I really love Balenciaga this season, it's so luxe.

74. Have you always been interested in fashion?
Yes. But I still had no hobbies.

75. Do you consider yourself a very affluent person?
Well personal income and standard of living are also two very different things. I also have what you would call... an erratic income.

76. What do you think about Jay-Z rapping about Margiela?
"Black cards, black cars
All black everything."

Good song.

77. How old are you?

78. What kind of camera do you use? What model camera would you recommend for a fledgling photographer?
I use a Canon Rebel XT with a Sigma 24-70mm lense.

79. Have you ever felt like blogging was bad for you? If yes, why?
I think it can be very bad for you. I hope that no one blogs forever. I hope that people move onto new things.

80. Did you go to college?
Yes, I went to UC Berkeley.

Don't kill me

Vintage slip, vintage 1920s silk chiffon jacket, YSL Tribute croc pumps

You know when work just hits you like a ton of bricks? Except instead of bricks, it's email. But not to worry, I've finally put down the Oregon Trail (stupid iPhone... everyone drowned when I tried to fort the river), and will resume work starting... now.

These YSL Tributes are easily my favorite new shoe. Perhaps that's why I've also purchased the ankle boot version, whoops. Rent, what's that?

Answers part 1

1. Los Angeles or New York?
LA because it's easy...

2. What are your favorite pieces of jewelry right now?
Chanel Fountain Ring in 18 carat gold and 100 round diamonds

But more realistically, I'm looking for a good vintage rhinestone necklace. And maybe a Shaun Leane piece... or two... or three.

3. Who takes all your pictures? Do you take pictures everyday?
I use a tripod. I try and take at least 2 a week - sometimes it takes a minute, sometimes it takes much longer.

4. Can you post pictures of your place?
This is a picture of the most important thing in my apartment: the "TO DO" wall. I suppose most people have calendars and organizers for this, but I prefer my wall.

5. Awhile ago you had a plaid shirt and wore it as a skirt [...] How did you do it?
I buttoned the last half of the shirt around my hips. Then took both the sleeves and tied it in the center. I think it depends on the type of shirt you use. Mine was a men's small.

6. Who would you consider the ultimate style icon?
I love me some Mary-Kate.

7. What do you do for life? Job/ study?
I'd like to consider myself a writer. That is what I would like to be known for. I pay my rent/ bills somehow. And I own two companies.

8. How is the book coming along?
I re-write it every day. But I'm finally sending in a new draft tomorrow.

9. Will you marry me?
Yes. But you may need to battle that other girl asked.

10. If you were a crayon, what color would you be and why?
Red because it's like the color that screams "look at me bitch! I'm red!"

11. If you only had to wear one label/ designer for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?
At the moment, Balenciaga. It feels fresh every season. And they make the most perfect leather rider jacket I've ever seen.

12. Would you rather be the person in the circus who sticks their head in a lion's mouth, or the girl who they throw knives at?
The girl with the knives. First of all, the thought of sticking my head into something else is just completely unattractive. Second, the girl with the knives just sounds more glamorous.

13. What did you go to university for?
Political Science & English

14. Do you have any advice for aspiring fashion journalists?
Make sure you're better at writing than fashion.

15. What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?
I would like to see the graphic novel I'm writing transformed into a screenplay and then a movie starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and some pretty young Hollywood actress.

16. Will you post a picture of your closet/ clothes/ shoes?
It's nothing to see right now.

17. What's your current favorite purchase for fall?
My boyfriend bought me a mouse for my laptop. LOL. There's also vintage leopard coat. And I'm currently trying to hunt down a pair of a YSL Tribute Too pumps.

18. Where do babies come from?
Your mom. Easy.

19. Do you prefer buying a few key designer items that you wear a lot or does your wardrobe consist of mostly high street or e.g. vintage or from markets?
I like saving up for nice things.

20. What's your day job?
My tax filings are complicated.

21. How did you get into your job(s)?
Life trials.

22. Have you done any post grad studies?
No, I haven't. I don't have any real purpose in going back to school.

23. What do you think about Germany?
Excellent beer.

24. If you could relive any part of your past what would it be?
England circa 2005. Good times.

25. Should I take the angel ring in silver or gold?

26. What's your favorite thing/ outfit to wear that makes you feel amazing?
My red silk 20's jacket. It's lovely.

27. What's your favorite kind of candy?

28. Which countries have you visited?
I did a semester abroad at Cambridge University in England. Other places I've been: China, Japan, France, Belgium, Scotland, Netherlands, Canada, and the Virgin Islands.

29. What is your favorite place in the whole world?
A secluded beach in St. John.

30. Absolute favorite place to shop?
I rarely shop offline. But my recent has been La Rosa vintage on Haight. The girls are super sweet and they know what I like.

31. Where do you get inspiration for your outfits?
Anywhere! I hate drawing inspiration from one source. It's so boring.

32. How tall are you?

33. How much do you weigh?
100 lbs.

34. Do you exercise? Diet?
I don't regularly exercise, but whenever I travel I always try and use the gym. My boyfriend has been trying to get me to do P90X, but I'll just stare at him like I'm stupid. I want to get back into Pilates.

35. Is what you do different from what you dreamed of doing?
What I always dreamed of doing is to never work a 9-5 job ever again (not because I hate it, but because I'm terrible at it). I'm almost there.

36. Do you ever get recognized on the street?
Yes. Fairly often.

37. Who is your most unreasonable crush?
Pharrell Williams. He's my husband.

38. Song you'll never stop listening to?
Probably something I listened to in college.

39. Favorite blog?
Here's my confession: my favorite blog of all time has nothing to do with fashion. It's called The Company Bitch. I'm actually quite sad that she quit. Gawker is good too.

40. Why did you delete all your old posts?
I wanted to start fresh... phresh? I'm also pretty sure I had a nervous breakdown.



I haven't seen an editorial that actually felt as satisfying as this one, in quite awhile. Featuring the Balenciaga collection I loved so much. I may have to start using the word "fabulous" again. Must buy dot tights, something silk, and garters.


Uniqlo plaid flannel, Zara python pants, Pedro Garcia suede booties, silver jewelry

Oh you know... just another day running errands in my python pants. Apparently, Zara classifies these as "basic." Like a t-shirt, or something.

  • Last week Erin emailed me these super sweet sketches she did of me for her blog. It's always neat to see yourself illustrated. Check it out here. Thanks again Erin!
  • My sweet Camille came for a quick visit, so I took her and Annabel out for a casual lunch. It's too bad lil C had to leave the same day. Next time we'll plan things better.
  • Now, this blog has had a lot of new readers lately. And since I am terrible at any kind of correspondence. And all my favorite Swedish bloggers do it... I thought I'd do another Q&A.

Go ahead, ask me anything!

And closer...

Vintage, SOWAT

My two new favorite rings. Up close and personal.

ETA: For those interested in placing an order contact
It comes in gold, old silver or black ruthenium

Glam candy

Topshop dress

I've been on the lookout for the perfect white dress for what seems like... an exhaustive amount of time. It seems like I have leopard print coming out of my arse, but alas, no perfect white dress.

Then this little baby popped up on my usual Wednesday night Topshop troll. The flame beading, one shoulder, and unmistakably short length made it an easy choice. Reminiscent of early Balmain? Mmm perhaps.

Take me to the Maldives

Where I will high five with Diddy

The last time I stayed in Tokyo, Takashi's family was vacationing in the Maldives. When his family came back, his uncle flashed me his diamond encrusted Cartier, handed me $100 bill, and then I died.

More leopard

Vintage leopard shirt from La Rosa, Hanes cut-off v-neck, Erin Wasson x RVCA shorts, Zara thigh high boots, SOWAT angel wing ring, Brixton hat

Yes... I got the ring. Courtesy of Sofie at SOWAT in Paris. Her jewelry is beautiful and spiritual. And this particular ring is inspired by Marcel, a "Nahual Indian from Mexico." I'll try and take a better picture soon. Needless to say, I love it.

  • We saw 500 Days of Summer and loved it. Joseph-Gordon Levitt makes sweater vests look so dapper!
  • These boots are actually a great Givenchy inspired alternative. Although, I'm kind of annoyed they don't stay up.
  • Arnette at Brixton was kind enough to send over a few more hats. I'm particularly excited by this "Fiddler" hat. The perfect topper!
  • Ray suggested I make more use of my beloved Chesterfield. So I'm shooting... behind it. Hah.
  • I'm sick of ankle boots. I want a pair of YSL Tribute pumps or something equally as femme. Suggestions?
  • Watch my BFF Takashi in Tokyo on CSPAN talk about mergers and acquisitions. I love you! Hair looks good!