Behind the scenes

Gratuitous back shot

Ray played model for the day. I love objectifying my boyfriend. Brixton was nice enough to send both of us some new hats - including the Castor in black straw for him. Lookin' pretty spiffy between shoots. Thanks Arnette!

Heat wave

Erin Wasson x RVCA tank, American Apparel leggings, Henrik Vibskov cardigan, Armor bodychain, Pedro Garcia mules

Today turned out to be way less productive than I thought. The good news is, I finally finished my ring design for my first big collaboration project. It's kind of sick - can't wait to show you guys. Next up... book!

And I did decide to shorten the dress from the previous entry.

Pink Saturday

Liquor store, curbside, Castro block party, "I don't remember these Carebears", disco lights, the end.


Date night

Erin Wasson x RVCA floral dress, Chloe boots

Friday night is date night aka TRANSFORMERS!!! DRESSING LIKE A GIRL WOOHOO!!!


IMO one of his most underrated songs - Stranger in Moscow

Hello lover

Ashish for Topshop

This is my foot obsession. I'm currently in the process of hunting them down - I hear the Topshop gods have yet to release this. Pray for me!

Forget Fruits

Let's get one thing clear. I hate that Gothic Lolita sh-t for women. When it comes to fashion in Japan, I think the men do it best. I scanned these pictures from Tune magazine. It's serious business over there.

This also proves that a Japanese man can wear anything a 13-year-old blogger can wear. Leopard print scarf? DONE.

The denim shirt.

The Native print knit.

Leather shorts LOLZ.

What I would like to be: a cowboy.

What I'm also into these days: clean and fresh.

Speaking of clean and fresh, I also scanned these "beauty" pages from last month's Nonno. I think they should really make an American version featuring Cole Mohr modeling 20 different hair cuts for my personal enjoyment... or something. Print isn't really like what it used to be.

I really wanted to do a couple of outfits posts but my camera has been occupied for the past several days doing stuff for other people. I should make up for lost time in the next day or two.



I went into Oxenrose salon at 10am and left around 2:30pm. I had no idea going to a salon would be such an ordeal. They used a very strong lightner (as opposed to bleach), full highlights and base. I'll take a better picture in the morning. Right now, I appear to be housing one half of the band Violet Hour at my apartment while they're on tour.

Life via iPhone

Top to bottom: Erin Wasson x RVCA collection preview at Opening Ceremony's LA showroom, Kogi bbq truck outside Wabi-Sabi/ Venice, Ray in Rick Owens boots, hangover brunch at the Grove/ LA, oceanside in Carmel

My new goal in life is to update my Twitter from the beach sipping on some kind of fruity mixed drink. And that's it... that's all I would do.

I found these photos on my iPhone the other day and decided to unload them here. I definitely wish I was better at documenting my own life. Below, is a picture of Amber. She is quite attractive considering she is a man. I'm afraid while I was taking this picture, my boyfriend was being solicited for butt sex. The details are unclear, but I believe the conversation went something like this:

Creepy old man: "So... would you buy an iPhone?"
Ray: "Oh sorry, I'm just not into Apple products."

Exit creepy old man.

Ginger & Amber at AsiaSF... a must visit!!!

Show me yours

RVCA racerback tank dress, vintage gold necklaces, vintage cross, Soixante Neuf hammered ring, Chloe boots

I'm still catching up with posts. Channeling my inner Joni Harbeck.

This weekend, I took Ray and his friend Val to Asia SF. For those that have never been, it's kind of like Coyote Ugly but with really hot transexuals. Dinner, drinks many drinks... and a show. What more could you ask for?

RVCA sent me a sweet little package of goodies. I'm so excited because their Haight St. shop is pretty much an SF staple. This is my new favorite basic - the dress is a little revealing in the back so I'll have to save it for night outtings. But I definitely recommend to those looking for an affordable Wang-ish alternative. Thanks Lauren!

Pulp Fiction


  • My lack of breadth tells me that this is heavily Jodorowsky-inspired.
  • I'm still looking for that perfect all white outfit.
  • Will debut my new Comme des Garcons white pleat skirt today.
  • Yesterday, I spent 15 minutes contemplating tomato soup. It appears summertime is no longer doing good things for my brain.
  • I've decided that I either need to move to LA or never ever go there again. That city does weird and unexplainable things to me.
  • Anyone else dying to see this?

A note on jewelry

Soixante Neuf hammered ring, vintage Taxco silver cuff, Number (N)ine snakeskin cuff, vintage cross bracelet, red cord bracelets w/ Astley Clarke pendents attached

I've always felt that jewelry was my most accurate self-assesment test. Although I'm still in the process of collecting, I think I'm beginning to feel pretty happy with what I have.

Dress down

le fashion, Topshop

Sometimes you just want someone to tell you what to wear.

I'm in the Bay trick

Jenny Chung/ Acrimony, Sophia Amoruso/ Nasty Gal, Alex Valdman/ Homeroom Clothing

There's a lot of things happening in San Francisco. And while it's definitely not the fashion capital of the world. There is something to be said for the many names and faces of those who are trying to do something... special.

It's an entrepreneurial spirit I just can't describe. But trust me, these kids have that mojo and it's cool. You gotta support your people, you know?

Jenny Chung/ Acrimony - This girl lives by the motto: work hard, play hard. With write-ups in the NY Times blog, Refinery29, Sportswear International, and Nylon, her store is easily one of the best in the Bay. Plus, she's funny and has good hair.

Sophia Amoruso/ Nasty Gal - Sophia embodies the kind of self-made success I really admire. And that is why Nasty Gal is such a sensation. Likes include: Erin Wasson and Harley Viera-Newton (both customers). Dislikes include: Ugly couches.

Alex Valdman/ Homeroom Clothing - Aka ALVAL "all caps, one word". To be honest, I don't know what this dude really does all day. But whatever he does, it definitely works. Streetware culture is huge in SF, and ALVAL is king.

Check them out!

Entertain yourself

Takashi Miike is an amazing director. I really recommend these films if you are into this kind of stuff.

Following this entry, I was cracking up over the amount of "epic cat shirts" and/ or re: wolf shirt responses I received via email. I have to say, reader Malina wins with this version. I mean... there are like TEN CATS!!!