Pedro for President

T by Alexander Wang pocket tank, American Apparel leggings, Pedro Garcia mules, Number (N)ine snakeskin cuff, antique cross bracelet, silver hammered ring

Ray: What's that on your finger?

I broke in my new favorite shoes for the summer. These Pedro Garcia mules have a cork bottom that make it just as comfortable as my Chloes. I definitely felt like I needed a summer shoe badly. In case you wanted to know, they run about a half size small.

Another change I've been considering... dying my hair. I've had the same hair for years. Blunt bangs, dark hair. It definitely works for me but I'm a little tired of looking like the goth parade every day. I tried to look for a shade that might work for my pale skin. This Rachel Bilson color stood out to me. Although I have to admit, I have been having extreme hair envy following Nicole Richie's twitter.

Yes? No?


Antique cross link bracelet, red cord bracelets

When the boyfriend and I were strolling through the Antique Mall in Monterey aka this amazing emporium of random antique collectibles. It's only downfall is that it has the word "mall" in it. Kind of like how someone decided Dress Barn was a good idea.

Anyways, the Antique Mall's jewelry selection is quite awesome.This cross link bracelet immediately caught my eye - most likely because of its uncanny resemblance to the Elizabeth & James jewelry we all know and love. Hmm for less than $40... I'm pretty sure I got the better deal. Although, Mary-Kate, you are still one sexy bitch.


Various sources

I made a few purchases last week...
  • Soixante Neuf hammered ring in silver
  • T by Alexander Wang black pocket tank (the most impossibly perfect tank ever)
  • Pedro Garcia black suede platform
  • Number (N)ine snakeskin bracelet
  • Two bras here and here

Toga party

Toga by Yasuko Furuta s/s 09, Toga boots available at Opening Ceremony

By far, my new favorite label is Toga by designer Yasuko Furuta. Yes, it is ridiculously expensive and I will probably never be able to afford one of her pieces in my immediate future (damn you Comcast cable bills). But I just wanted to share because, well, that's what people do on the internet right?

I'm secretly hoping someone makes a great alternative to these space cowboy inspired boots. They are definitely the freshest shoe I've seen in awhile. And trust me, I see a lot of f-cking shoes on a daily basis. Anyways, meet your new covetable boot.


The weather is really hot right now. When I left the apartment I stood in front of my Chesterfield, stared at two options for the day... two rompers... and I chose to go with the wool. I really thought that was a good decision.

ETA: Another good decision. I'm excited to be partnering with none other than The Pop, as part of their much anticipated re-launch in summer 2009. More details of that to come. But their logo would be better if it had wolves on it...



I heard he's a Scientologist. Beck wears Number (N)ine.

Every morning I find R brushing his teeth in bed. I watch him brush his teeth with his eyes closed for about 2 minutes. And then he just inexplicably... falls back asleep toothbrush in mouth. Every morning he does this, and every morning I scratch my head.

Gift your man friend

The Mountain t-shirt

I had seen this Three Wolf Moon t-shirt floating around some blogs in the blog-o-sphere and wondered if they had actually read this.

Gift your man friend the EPIC gift of a Three Wolf Moon t-shirt.


I should also include my other favorites from The Mountain, most notably "Rainbow Unicorn" and "Mystical Horses" LOL. I couldn't find epic Cat shirt, but it's out there... I'm sure.

Return to Earth

Pippa Small rings, AESA necklaces

My friend Tim showed me this movie called The Holy Mountain (1973) by Alejandro
Jodorowsky. If you haven't seen it, you really should. The whole thing doesn't even make sense until the end. Luckily, there is always alcohol to see your way through. Maybe somewhat inspired by the movie, I've been craving uncut quartz and semi-precious stones. Jewelry that feels mystical. These Pippa Small rings are made for stacking, it's too bad they're completely out of my price range.

PS: I'm out of beer.


Hanes DIY cropped t-shirt, Astley Clarke necklace, Number (N)ine rosary

Why must I always have mental breakdowns in public?

In real life, I like who I am. I'm funny, friendly, and pretty social (relatively... ). When I started this blog I tried to keep it as closely aligned to my own personality as possible. Then, life got complicated. Whether or not it was actually complicated or it was all in my head, I don't think it matters. I felt like I was in a bad place all the time. And unfortunately, there is always the internet to spread your crazy to as many people as possible.

Thank you so much for all the emails. I really appreciate everyone who stops by this blog. I can't promise that I won't have anymore breakdowns, but that's the thing about me. I'm unabashedly inconsistent. But this blog isn't going anywhere. I just needed a little perspective.

I received this Astley Clarke necklace from their Flaming Hearts collection the other day courtesy of Tamsin at AC. I love it except the chain is a little short. I think I'm going to either switch out the chain or string them on some red cord and make it into bracelets.


Good video.

I have stuff to say, but first I have to clean the apartment.

Limi and your mom

May 14-May 16

Adèle Sand
13, rue Jean Beausire 75004
Paris, France

Pick me up something?


... or just tired of it all?

I deliberately chose not to have any image up with this text. These days I feel like the internet has drained me of everything I have to give. I'm not "complaining" or whatever you want to accuse me of. I've just been trying to figure out the best possible way to describe why it takes so much out of me to post just one entry.

The internet can be a great thing. But, for me, it creates a pressure to constantly put up new and inspiring images, introduce new and exciting designers, and dress like you've never seen before. Which is difficult to say the least, especially when you have a shitty studio set up and the only time you can find to take an outfit picture is at 2am.

I'm not a shop-o-holic. It's just not in me to collect tons of clothes. And I love to purge my closet whenever possible. I suppose, in many ways, I'm just not really cut out to be blogger. But then again, what does that even mean? I've lost all sorts of perspective. The only reason I started my blog was because somebody made me. There, I said it.